Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sunday Snow-In Mystery Quilt Fun

With all the snow, my sew-in, snowed-in weekend continued into Sunday.  I stumbled upon a one day only, Mystery quilt project online and entered it.  The new quilt design company was offering it free for the day and only asked that they be allowed to use photos we supplied of our projects during and after completion to use as advertisement on their website.  I guess in a way those of us who signed up were their guinea pigs.

We were provided the fabric requirements so we could go rummage through our fabric stash.  The first option called for 8 coordinating fabrics - 1/8 yd each and 2 more coordinating fabrics 1/6 yd each.  Or if you didn't want or have as much variety, the second option called for 4 coordinating fabrics 1/4 yd each with 1 additional fabric 1/3 yd.

I decided to pull from my stash of Civil War reproductions.   As the other ladies started posting pictures of their fabric choices, I started to worry a bit.  Of course, I didn't expect anyone to use the same fabrics, but my choices where so traditional (and tame) compared to all the others.

Clue #1 was released at 10:00am.  It was the directions for cutting.  I had pulled out Fat Quarters, so I had to double the cutting required to compensate for the fact that I wasn't using WOF (width of fabric) cuts.

Clue #2 was released at 12:00 noon.  All it involved was sewing...my favorite part.

After I posted the above picture to the group, there were many compliments on my Singer Featherweight. I introduced the other ladies to Ruthie, my 1947 model.

Clue #3 was released at 2:00pm.  This time we had to sub-cut into squares what we had sewn together earlier.

Clue #4 - the Final Clue was released at 4:00pm.  We were provided a diagram of the layout for our blocks and instructed to sew everything together.

I'm quite pleased with my Mystery project.  It ended up being a 16 1/2" x 32 1/2" Table Topper.  Everyone ended up with 4 extra pieced blocks and one of the other participants suggested that they would make cute coasters to go with the table runner.

What I enjoy most about Mystery projects is seeing the end result of other participants.  I'm always amazed at how the exact same pattern instructions end up looking like entirely different things based simply on our fabric choices.

Here are some pictures of the other ladies finished projects.....

Made by Teresa
Made by Kristi
Made by Hollie
Made by Debra.
She decided to make more blocks and rearrange them to make a lap quilt.
Made by Chrissy.
Once she saw how cute her fabric choices turned out,
she decided to make more blocks and make a baby quilt since
she needed a baby shower gift in the near future.
She did stay with the designers intended placement of the blocks,
just an expanded version.  Of course, then she added two
borders to make it a perfect size.
So that's how I spent my cold, snowed in Sunday this past weekend.

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