Friday, February 15, 2013

Ten Minute Table Runner - REALLY!!!

Do you want to see how to make a really cute table runner in only 10 minutes...from start to finish??

I'm not joking!!!!

First off...I must tell you that I didn't come up with this design on my own (I'm good, but not THAT good!).   I actually saw an on-line link several months ago to view a well done video showing how to do this.  It immediately was added to my "Want to try this sometime!" list.  I could simply just give you the link (which I will anyway), but I know some of you still have difficulty watching videos on your computers so I will share with you myself, through my photos and words how to do this.

First watch the video click on this link:

Now, here is my own detailed instructions.....

First you need exactly 1/3 yard of a focal fabric...I used a fun Easter themed, bigger designed piece that has Easter bunnies and eggs, etc. (on the left).

You will also need exactly 1/2 yard of a secondary fabric...that will end up being the backing and the border.  I used a darker, coordinating green with little flowers. (on the right)

You will be making a table runner that is approximately 44" long x 15" wide.

I ironed my two fabrics to remove the deep fold lines and creases (the darker green fabric I've had for YEARS and I thought the fold would never iron out...the Easter print is older also and was given to me).

Next, lay your two pieces of fabric facing each other.  The 1/2 yard piece on the bottom, with right-side facing up.  The 1/3 yard piece on the top, with right-side facing down.

I know it doesn't look like they will fit together...but trust me....this is amazing!

I scooted the top fabric down until the edge met with the edge of the bottom fabric....line everything up from one end to the other (from selvage to selvage, about 44" long)...and sew together using 1/4" seam.

After you finish that the exact same thing to the other long edge...lay your pieces back on the table and scoot the top fabric UP until the edge meets with the edge of the bottom fabric.  It will look strange...the two pieces will no longer lay flat on the table and there will be a little roll on the first edge you just sewed together.

Now that you have the edges lined up, sew down the entire length (approx. 44") of this side using a 1/4" seam.

After you finish....what you will have in your hand is a very long TUBE.  Simply turn that tube inside out!!! :)


This next step was not mentioned in the video instructions but as I was making my own table runner, I realized that it needed to be done.

After you have sewn the two long edges together (as shown above), you may notice that once you turn your tube of fabric inside out, the short edges do not meet up exactly right.  I think this will happen more than not because we are using two completely different fabrics and every piece of fabric can vary in the width (from selvage to selvage) from a tiny smidgen to an inch or two. this point, I just used my rotary cutter and an acrylic ruler to even off the short sides.

Can you tell that my focal fabric (front with bunnies) was just a tiny bit wider than my dark green problem...this is an easy fix.  Since my top fabric was the longer of the two, I flipped my project over so I could see what I was doing easier. :)

Now that everything is nice and evened up, flip the table topper back over on your work table so that your focal fabric is showing on top.

Take your hand and smooth it out so that you have equal measurements of the "border" fabric showing.  Then take it to your ironing board and iron the edges down nice and flat.

Once it's completely ironed....take it back to your work table.

Your table runner is approximately 44" long and about 15" wide.  You will simply lay your project with the focal fabric down....then fold in in the middle until the two edges meet.

Now we will sew this short end together (about 7" now that it is folded), using a 1/4" seam...

This is what it will look like when you finish this seam....

Now do the exact same thing to the opposite end.  It's already folded for you....just sew the other end together.

After both ends of your table runner are sewn together...the next step is to turn these seams inside out....

Make sure you push the corner out nice and sharp. :)

Now when you lay your runner back down, and flatten it should look like this.... table runner is completely finished and can be used at this point.  The video instructions shared that you can add decorative buttons as embellishments to anchor the corner down...or add tassels to to the end corners...or just use it as is and don't do another thing to it.

I did take it back to my ironing board and pressed the corners in place...then I decided to look through my odds & ends for something to embellish it and make it just a little cuter.

I used some felt cut into flower shapes, and sewed a little button in the center of the felt flower.  I sewed through all the layers which anchored the corner fold down so it wouldn't just "flap in the breeze". :)

This was so quick and easy that I went ahead and made a second one....

I have two more cut out to make today.  I'll give one to Amanda to use in her new home...maybe mail one to Shannon if she wants one, put one in Emily's Hope Chest for when she has her own place...Kirsten will probably tell me not to save one for her, just make her a new one when she has a need for it. :) :)  Plus, the girls have several friends who have moved into their own places this past year that keep begging me to make them things I'm sure I can find a home for whatever I get made.  All of this is out of my stash...I've not shopped for anything yet this year. :) :)

By the way....I finished ANOTHER old spool of thread....I'm on a roll.... :)


  1. There's something satisfying when you empty a spool of thread isn't there? Especially if it's one of those real old wooden ones. I saved all my wooden ones for years and then one day gave them away to an artsy person who painted them so delicately. I'm not sorry though. She gave me a little "spool sculpture" that sort of looks like it's painted as a flower garden. I love it.

    1. Yes Kathy, it may be considered strange to most people but there is a special contentment I feel when I finish up a spool of thread. :) :) Just call me crazy. LOL

  2. me too. I have wondered what causes that rush of satisfaction when I empty a spool. Just have to buy more, and thread is the only way I feel that way, well, also when I use the last of fabrics too. Wierd